Maximize Your ROI by Leveraging Salesforce Integrations

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a great way to help your business’ sales and marketing departments in delivering better customer service. One such cloud-native CRM system is Salesforce, it has more than a 15% share in the CRM market and is a platform that can provide services around the clock and can increase forecasting accuracy by 40%. In addition to this Salesforce has made close to $20 billion in subscription-based revenue in 2021 catering to the needs of 150,000 companies, 90% of which were on the Fortune 500 roster. When considering getting a bang for your buck having a system in place that is at your disposal 24×7 can significantly improve your profit quotients. In fact software such as Salesforce bring in an average of $8 ROI for every dollar spent and have presented themselves as an ideal option for boosting enterprise operations from a fiscal standpoint.

Business Value of Salesforce Integrations

By using Salesforce in collaboration with other software applications you can design a cohesive solution bearing in mind your company’s specific needs. By directing a more tactical approach to Salesforce’s integration services and opening up a plethora of optimization best practices that can help your business meet customer expectations has led to a 35% increase in sales while also boosting ROI. An integration within Salesforce dramatically decreases costs by requiring no hardware, providing better support, making it far easier to scale, and getting customers up and running 70% faster than on-premises competitors. Turnaround time is a critical factor in establishing differentiation for your business against competitors while also garnering quantifiable ROI. Consider the list below of capabilities that a Salesforce integration can equip your business with in order to see the generation of ROI over time.
  • Salesforce can generate more than $2 million in business benefits from 100 users alone year on year. Catering a more uniform customer experience with the help of an integration can retain customers over the long run for sustained value.
  • Utilize a more wholistic insight towards your customer base allowing you to better target your audience for a sure-fire tailor-made approach.
  • Salesforce can create a 50% increase in application development time creating a more seamless user experience using unified authentication across all tools.
  • Salesforce can help you leverage a 35% plus more efficient IT infrastructure management leading to better ROI metrics thereby assisting executives in accessing the operations they require with the Salesforce interface.
  • Business processes can be automated end-to-end for a swift and efficient workflow enabling faster service translating into tangible ROI.
  • Connect front and back-end services into one functional entity to minimize the likelihood of errors thereby reducing unwarranted expenses.

Salesforce Integration ROI from Platform Expansion

e-Connect advocates the collaboration across systems and believes in the value that your business can reap in from it from an ROI standpoint. Here are the various systems and functions of your enterprise that Salesforce can integrate with, streamlining operations, improving efficiency and providing ROI:
  • ERP
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • CTI
  • Ecommerce
  • Email
  • ITSM
It can be challenging to thoroughly optimize your Salesforce ROI and in order to unleash its real potential, it is paramount to choose a consulting partner for proper implementation of Salesforce solutions.  eConnect understands the nuances of leveraging Salesforce for your unique business requirements. We provide hassle-free support with implementation driving digital transformation for more efficient operations and better business outcomes. Our team has experienced and knowledgeable experts to enhance lead nurturing and even reputation management. If you’d like to explore using Salesforce to your advantage, reach out to us and we’d be glad to help. A small assessment project may yield huge benefits.

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