Advantages of Using Salesforce in the New Normal of Enterprise Operations

Every single business currently in the market is looking for ways to recover from the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not only mitigation that is being sought by enterprises but also methods for operational optimization. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce have presented itself as an ideal option for boosting enterprise operations. Salesforce has more than a 15% share in the CRM market and continues to be the most sought out solution provider for businesses looking to elevate their customer services, boost employee efficiency and modernize their processes. The company also made close to $20 billion in subscription-based revenue in 2021 catering to the needs of 150,000 companies, 90% of which were on the Fortune 500 roster.

Primary Advantages of Salesforce for Enterprises in 2021

In 2021, implementation of Salesforce will focus on customization and how they can tailor a solution to meet the specific needs of the business in question. Salesforce is geared to helping businesses cope with the newly enforced workplace requirements. Here are some of the latest advancements from Salesforce to consider for your company in light of the new normal.
  1. Enabling Hybrid Workforce ModelsTraditional workforce models are no longer the norm when it comes to running a business. In fact companies can actually capitalize on remote working teams who genuinely enjoy and prefer to work off-premise. By tapping into their potential your business could expand upon its resources to create hybrid workforce models that can deliver on the best of both worlds.Salesforce is a huge bonus in this regard because the platform is designed to encourage collaboration and can also provide remote access features across all device platforms. Tasks can be easily managed and monitored when there is a supervising platform in place that can be subject to timely inspection.
  1. Management of AccountsThe Salesforce CRM software has really thought of it all while designing how to keep your business processes operating at peak performance levels. It enables team members to work more efficiently through enhanced levels of transparency into customer accounts as well as sales executive activities.Salesforce also assists sales executives by allowing them to keep operations more organized with the ability to rechart plans and set up to-do lists. Plus, sales executives can also set reminders, make certain that they deliver world-class customer service and also follow up with customers and colleagues.
  1. Management of Customer DataThe biggest resource any business has when it comes to reinventing their strategies is customer data. This information is likely to be highly unstructured, a problem that can be solved with Salesforce’s compartmentalization capabilities. Now your sales executives can make the best use of better organized data before engaging a customer.For instance, your employees could pull up information regarding a select customer’s shopping patterns and preferences before approaching them with a sales pitch. The Salesforce CRM gives you an easy means of drawing up a fairly accurate customer portrait so you can decide how best to interact with them.
  1. Optimized SchedulingSalesforce comes with built-in organizational tools that can simplify your day-to-day processes. It even comes with an internal calendar that you can use to chart out various business activities and provide easy to understand visuals displaying your progress by day, week and month.In addition to this, Salesforce can also tell you exactly how much time has been spent on which accounts and allow you to re-delegate that time across accounts that are more promising. This way you achieve a more holistic approach to customer management and also ensure optimal utilization of resources.
  1. Enhanced CollaborationSalesforce understood the need for an internal cross-enterprise communication thread which is why it came up with “Chatter.” You could think of it like a social media app for the business except that its encrypted in case sensitive information is being exchanged.It also creates a route for executives to delegate or monitor tasks that are being conducted by individuals on other teams. This collaborative ecosystem serves to generate leads in a more effective manner and also ensure that more sales are closed.
  1. Location Independent AccessibilityRemote access is a key feature of Salesforce and is easy as it is a cloud-native CRM platform. Employees can access the system from anywhere in the world on any device of their choosing. 24×7 customer support is the most tangible benefit of having remote access. If you’re available to support your customers at any given point in the day, then you can guarantee that you’re likely to deliver better customer experiences.
If you’re considering Salesforce to enhance your enterprise operations, eConnect would be glad to help. We understand the nuances of leveraging Salesforce for your unique business requirements. We provide hassle-free support with implementation driving digital transformation for more efficient operations and better business outcomes. Our team has experienced and knowledgeable experts to enhance lead nurturing and even reputation management. If you’d like to explore using Salesforce to your advantage, reach out to us and we’d be glad to help.

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