Unlock the Full Potential of a Customized Salesforce Development Project

If you look at today’s world of digital technology that enhances business operations, you will find that a Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is amongst the topmost commonly used solutions to better manage various business operations. Functions such as identifying leads in order to create a competitive advantage, boosting sales pipelines, reaching enterprise targets, creating better customer relationships and so on. When considering the best among CRM software it goes without saying that Salesforce has positioned itself right at forefront. Regardless of the nature or size of the business in question, chances are they have already employed Salesforce to tackle their challenges head on. You may even be familiar with the software yourself if you’re not already using it yourself or have heard of it from someone who has. But the real question is not whether you’re aware of the specific solution or not but if Salesforce is genuinely equipped to cater to your business’ specific needs. This becomes the most critical ask of all because the crux of a CRM’s success or failure lies in how well it can be customized to fit your exact business needs. Adaptability has always been key to survival.

What are the Barriers to a Salesforce Customization?

We now understand that each business is unique and has its own set of needs. Let’s dive a little deeper and understand what stands in the way of tuning the total made to measure functionality that you and every business executive strive to achieve. Most of the time the number of fields available to work with on an off-the-rack Salesforce CRM may be inadequate or unsuited to create the change needed to improve your sales pipeline. In some cases it may be that you would like for a little more collaboration between your CRM system and other third-party systems, which is not always the case with a freshly unwrapped Salesforce software. It’s not just business operations that have to be taken into consideration when talking about customization, but also the people who work for the business. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic employees have been forced to work remotely from home relying on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This means that custom Salesforce applications that are device-agnostic need to be rolled out in order to expand customer reach. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are potential Salesforce augmentations that businesses may like to consider. There are a number of merits in choosing Intelligent Automation (IA) for your sales team. For instance with the help of AI your Salesforce system (Salesforce Einstein) can generate detailed insights into sales prospects and use that information to modify sales strategies to create the most beneficial outcomes for your business. The key to unlocking all of these features is to have the necessary skills required to customize your Salesforce system.

Collaborating with the Right Partner

Let’s take a look at the four horsemen of a Salesforce development project.
  1. Salesforce Consultant
This individual works as the middleman between the customer and IT. Their main goal is to communicate the customer’s needs to the business end and ensure that the proposed Salesforce modification is an appropriate solution.
  1. Salesforce Architect
This person is responsible for developing the structural framework for the proposed Salesforce CRM customization. They are involved in every stage of the development project and must have substantial knowledge on Salesforce products and development tools as well as several years of experience in integrating Salesforce with third-party systems.
  1. Salesforce Developer
The developer makes use of technical skills like Visualforce, Apex Code, HTML, JavaScript and Lightning Components to meet consumer demands. Their work begins as soon as the technical brief has been finalized upon.
  1. Salesforce Administrator
An admin’s primary role is to polish a Salesforce solution with point-and-click tools. Some of their other responsibilities entail training users, introducing user roles and permission sets, enabling email templates, generating reports and dashboard as well as automating business workflows and approval processes. Having each of these roles delegated to the right individuals is imperative for your Salesforce project development team’s success.

How Can eConnect Help You with Your Salesforce Customization?

Here’s how we can help you with your Salesforce modifications through the below mentioned attributes and services.
  • AppExchange: eConnect provides Salesforce AppExchange App development services.
  • com: With eConnect you can automate business logic with Force.com native mobile and web applications.
  • Visualforce: eConnect can boost your Visualforce pages to a Salesforce1 platform.
  • Third-Party System Integration: Integrate with various systems such as Outlook, Gmail or websites and marketing automation tools like Hubspot. Even LinkedIn and Twitter can be integrated and more.
  • Custom UI/UX Designing: We at eConnect can extend your business’ branding onto Salesforce1.
  • Custom Mobile App Development: Leverage our expertise in utilizing Salesforce1 to build apps.
  • Sales cloud, Service cloud & Marketing cloud: Harness our expertise in utilizing Salesforce for sales, services and marketing. eConnect has a pool of certified Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and CPQ consultants.
  • Salesforce Consulting: At eConnect we offer turnkey Salesforce Consulting and Implementation services ranging from discovery and project envisioning cloud architecture setup, agile custom development to support and maintenance.
If you’d like to explore more on how eConnect can help you with customizing your Salesforce instance, our team would be happy to help. At eConnect, we understand the nuances of leveraging Salesforce for your unique business requirements. We provide hassle-free support with implementation driving digital transformation for more efficient operations and better business outcomes. Our team has experienced and knowledgeable experts to enhance lead nurturing and even reputation management. If you’d like to explore using Salesforce to your advantage, reach out to us and we’d be glad to help.

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