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Drive digital transformation, deliver personalized customer experiences and make more data-backed decisions with advanced data science and AI services.

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Reimagine Your Business with AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Put Artificial Intelligence and Data Science into action and empower everyone in your organization.

With data science and AI in data analytics, businesses can gain a competitive edge and dominate the market with faster and more accurate data-based intelligent decisions. So, unsurprisingly, more and more organizations are opening up doors for big data.

We can help you extract actionable business insights from raw data with our deep expertise in AI and data analytics. As a result, it becomes much easier for you to understand your target audience better, improve customer experience, forecast demand, reduce risks, prevent cost overruns, and do much more.

Advanced AI, Data Analytics And Data Science Services

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We use cutting-edge tools & technologies to churn actionable insights out of a massive amount of data as more and more companies are opening up doors for big data. From Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Logistics, Information Technology to FinTech, we cater to businesses across various industries.

Uncover Risks And Opportunities For Your Business With Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Extract information from existing data sources, determine patterns and predict future trends and results. We use different techniques like artificial intelligence, statistical modeling, machine learning, etc., to make such predictions. We will help you build predictive analytics solutions to analyze historical and current data and uncover risks and opportunities for your business.

Analyze Data

Analyze Data

Analyze historical data to explore and understand the behavior of different attributes and illustrate their relationship. Gather, combine, structure, and organize data to study and understand the pattern and make it suitable for model building.

Create & Test Models

Create & Test Models

Create and test predictive models using standardized statistical and machine learning algorithms and evaluate whether they would meet your business goals. Validate predictive models to check and monitor the performance of scorecards.

Build Scalable Models

Build Scalable Models

Build tools to help you more easily and quickly build scalable predictive models and run such models anywhere — on any cloud and on-premises.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Share the strategy maps and validated reports with you. The insights will help you make more informed data-driven decisions.

Modeling Techniques

Modeling Techniques

Predictive modeling techniques – Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, SVM, Naive Bayes, KNN, K-Means, Random Forrest, Principal Component Analysis, XG Boost, AdaBoost, Majority Voting Classifier, Ensemble Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Deep Neural Network (DNN).

Transformative Business Solutions Powered By Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) &
Deep Learning

Drive business outcomes, create breakthrough results and improve operational efficiency with our advanced machine learning (ML) and deep learning services. We will help you implement computational intelligence, pattern recognition and predictive analytics and build cognitive business technology frameworks that act like human beings.

Consulting & Advertising

Consulting & Advertising

Machine learning consulting and advisory services that include ML proof of concept and library assessment, ML tools and hosting assessment, solution architecture, and model re-engineering.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Machine learning managed services that include model as a service, ML lifecycle management, and performance monitoring and support.

Design & Implementation

Design & Implementation

Machine learning solution design and implementation services that include algorithm porting and deployment, ML data annotation for training and validation, ML model driven AIoT (Edge, Cloud) development for computer vision or NLP applications, including training, performance tuning, and testing.

Easy Learning Frameworks

Easy Learning Frameworks

Deep learning framework – TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras.

Convert That Data Into Business Value With Powerful AI Applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Rapidly deploy AI assistants, augment human capabilities and performance, enable better decisions and regulatory governance and drive positive ROI for enterprise AI. We will help you transform your AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes.

AI Transformation

Strategic AI Transformation

Assess your organization’s readiness for AI adoption, create a list of strategic AI transformation goals aligned with your particular business goals and choose the right combination of AI technology based on the proposed solution.

Evaluate the Values

Evaluate the Values

Prepare data, evaluate the actual value of the AI opportunity, create business and technical documentation for your future AI solution and ensure your AI Model is accurate and explainable.

Real-time Data

Real-time Data

Adopt frameworks to leverage real-time data for developing and deploying AI applications and run, maintain and scale such applications from pilot to production.

Optimize And Automate Your Business Processes With Intelligent Algorithms

Process Automation

Leverage artificial intelligence, process automation, and advanced analytics to deliver higher-quality processes at lower costs and risks. We help you transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes to achieve intelligent and automated digital operations.

Automation Advisory

Automation Advisory

Process automation advisory services that include digital CoE, process assessment and strategy roadmap, architecture consultation and identification of tools and RPA feasibility analysis.

Application Development

Application Development

Process automation application development services that include implementations, bots design, testing, and deployment and custom framework development.

Customized Services

Customized Services

Customized process automation services that include bot development, RPA AI/ML integration, chatbots, and end-to-end delivery whether on-premise or cloud.



Process automation support services that include migration, RPA training, supporting and managing codes, and robust support models.

automation process

Our Approach

How We Do It

Consulting and Advisory


Our AI and data analytics consulting services provide expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure the attainment of business value. We specialize in high-level architecture, platform and design consulting for large-scale data processing, transformational BI and predictive analytics.

System Integration


Our system integration services focus on building custom analytical systems that enable efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure that optimally utilizes a given computing environment.

Solution Development


Our solutions offerings come with a framework and toolkits for solving challenges in a specific vertical or a domain. They work on large datasets, various data structures and/or latencies. These are complete solution builds that align with the customer’s Data Product strategies. Additionally, we will utilize the open source accelerators that we created.

Support & Maintenance


Our advanced AI and data analytics support offering is unique in terms of our technological skill set supported by our years of expertise in big data analytics and data science. Our support is of particular value to developing data science practices, helping them ramp up quickly on the advanced analytics journey or establish a robust support center.

Areas We Serve


Banking & Financial


Retail & FMCG






Communications, Media &


Travel, Transportation &


Energy, Resources &


Life Sciences &

With our deep domain knowledge in AI and data analytics, we enable operational improvements, anomaly detection, customer insights, accelerated automation, intelligent products, and new capabilities.

Our clients are from SMEs and large scale enterprises that are into Banking, Healthcare, Human resources (HR), Marketing and sales, Retail, Supply chain, and various other sectors and businesses.

We help our clients track, measure and optimize outcomes from AI across its lifecycle and adapt and govern AI quickly to changing business situations.s.

Tools & Technologies We Use

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Drive Digital Transformation through Data and AI

Leverage our world-class expertise to extract data insights using AI and automation across the data science lifecycle.