Holistic View of Your Marketing ROI

Modern marketing firms and Chief Marketing Officers in organizations turn to a variety of tools for executing their campaigns and tracking them. Google Analytics, Salesforce and Marketo are some of the most popular tools. However, with multiple different data sources for all your campaigns across different areas and systems, it’s a challenge taking stock of the big picture. You end up drowning in details without a clear picture of how marketing efforts are influencing conversions and revenue.   The typical scenario is that analysts have to manually combine data from disparate systems to gain insights on how they can improve marketing ROI and optimize marketing mix. This approach is messy, extremely labor-intensive and error-prone. Moreover, as this method takes time, the analytics and insights are not real-time and delayed information is not ideal for making decisions to improve marketing efforts. What is really required is a holistic, eagle-eye overview of how your campaigns are performing in real-time and marketing ROI.  eConnect provides Marketing Intelligence including analytics provided by industry experts with many years of cross-industrial experience. Our capabilities and solutions several areas in Marketing Analytics, providing clear visibility on:  
  • contribution to revenue 
  • leads to pipeline to revenue 
  • campaign performance to target  
  • and more 
Imagine a holistic overview of your marketing efforts that is real-time and never requires any manual reconciliation. On-demand, real-time analytics drive nimble decision-making that help you course correct and improve marketing efforts.   eConnect Marketing Intelligence works with data from multiple systems and combines it all into a single centralized data warehouse such as RDBMS, Snowflake, Redshift, Google Big Query or some other appropriate data warehouse. This centralization is the basis for real-time intelligence and insights across all data sources. Some of the systems that eConnect uses as data sources include: 
  • Website and social marketing systems 
  • Marketing systems like Marketo and Eloqua 
  • ERP such as Oracle and NetSuite 
  • Sales data such as Salesforce 

Sample analysis: 

eConnect Marketing Intelligence solutions encompass pre-built dashboards for tracking your marketing efforts. A glance at eConnect dashboards provides cost, opportunity, lead and campaign insights.  

eConnect’s dashboards include: 

  • Holistic overview of Campaign ROI 
  • Analysis of Trends 
  • Campaign contribution to sales pipeline & revenue 
  • Conversion from Campaigns and Offerings
  • Granularity with detailed drill-down of key metrics 
  • Performance analysis against other campaigns 
  • Analysis of cost per lead and cost per customer 
This list details some of eConnect’s powerhouse of marketing intelligence capabilities. We provide comprehensive marketing intelligence and the list of dashboards and features is constantly growing. Every dashboard can be customized to specific client requirements.  The advantage of eConnect Marketing Intelligence is that you can get fast answers to marketing questions, without the support of an external team. Simply take a look at the relevant dashboard for real-time information. If you require, you can build your own custom reports based on standardized marketing metrics for your particular needs and processes.   Ease of use and real-time information empowers users to drive your marketing efforts to greater success. eConnect Marketing Intelligence facilitates lower total cost of ownership and typically sees rapid user adoption.   If you’d like to explore eConnect’s Marketing Intelligence, To learn more, please get in touch and our experts would be glad to help.

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