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Avoid These 5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Competitive Edge

As organizations are focusing more on becoming customer-centric, there is an increased level of attention on customer interactions through multiple touch-points with the company. With widespread usage of internet across the globe, tech-savvy customers are carrying out most of their transactions online over myriad of digital channels. On account of simplicity and ease, greater...


Marketing Intelligence For Today’s CMOs

With businesses turning customer-centric, the need to prioritize data based decision making, has grown over the years. Segmentation and targeting on the basis of data and analytics to drive conversions have taken the centerstage. Modern marketers should focus on marketing analytics to obtain in-depth insights from all customer touchpoints.   Understanding which data is relevant, is one of the major challenges...


Holistic View of Your Marketing ROI

Modern marketing firms and Chief Marketing Officers in organizations turn to a variety of tools for executing their campaigns and tracking them. Google Analytics, Salesforce and Marketo are some of the most popular tools. However, with multiple different data sources for all your campaigns across different areas and systems, it’s a challenge taking stock...