Social Media Intelligence

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Real Time Social Media Insights

Real-Time Social Media Insights to Understand The Pulse Of Your Customers

Social media is a massive platform for countless digital campaigns and these in turn create huge volumes of data. This is where CRM systems come into the picture to make sense of these mountains of data. However, the majority of businesses cannot effectively utilize this social media data and transform it into actionable intelligence to enhance their marketing campaigns. Step one of the process is collecting consumer data across all relevant social media platforms to get a taste of the flavor of the marketplace – what’s hot, customer mindsets, trends and so much more. E-Connect helps you collect, analyze and report on your mountains of social media data, grinding them down into gems of insight that will help you improve ROI on your marketing efforts. Our blend of expert data scientists and technological expertise helps you leverage maximum value from social media so you can turn it to your advantage.

Measure ROI of Social Media Campaigns With Social Media Insights

Discover your audience interest. Track Performance of Social Media Accounts. We can develop solutions that offers vital insights (collated from multiple tools and systems), that you can use to assess performance of your campaigns, not only on a single platform but across multiple social media sites at once. Our easy-to-use dashboards can be used to quickly organize, view, and share your insights with other stakeholders.

We present valuable social media insights segregated based on demographics, campaigns, influencers, etc. The generated insights can keep you aware of your online conversations and engage better with audiences. You can quickly analyze the reach of a specific campaign including which channels are scoring, revenue generated, etc. Senior management can measure campaign performances and compare them against industry benchmarks.

Measure ROI of Social Media Campaigns


Listen to all conversations about your brand across various social media platforms to drive customer understanding and engagement.


Real-time analytics process all your social media data for actionable insights that give you a competitive edge.


State-of-the art visual analytics, reports and dashboard provide real-time insights in an easy-to-digest format.


  • Our solution can help you Identify the latest trends, hashtags and topics in social media on-the-fly, and make critical decisions with confidence and speed.
  • Understand the sentiment of your audience and get insights on how they feel about your brand
  • Identify valuable users, content, and platform to target audiences with insights on what time of the day works best
  • Optimize your campaigns with  powerful insights by predicting user sentiments across social media channels and build new market segments
  • Use sentiment tagging techniques you can examine your audience mindset with regards to your product or campaigns
  • Perform in-depth competitive analysis and leap ahead over your competition

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