Product Portfolio Management

Manage all aspects of your product line. Achieve target revenue and drive growth

Drive Agility and Responsiveness to Market Conditions

Organizations need to make strategic marketing decisions for their new and existing product lines on a regular basis. This includes intelligently distributing resources and re-doing budget allocations that can drive better sales and organizational growth.

Marketing Zen’s Product Portfolio Management solutions are a proven method for enabling marketers across the globe to prioritize their product-specific projects and optimize the resources.

Improve Competitive Positioning

With a centralized view of all the product lines, you can now compare and assess your products with the competitor’s to better position them in the market. It also helps analyze the current market base of your product or service.

Maximize Product Investments

Get deep insights on your target audiences, including what interests them. Identify your competitive advantages and incorporate them in your product line to derive maximum value from them.

Identify strong and weak products to clarify resource allocation

We provide a holistic view on all your products, including their current market status and budget/resource allocations. Use it to identify what works and what needs marketing intervention.

Ensure that product investments align with business objectives

Our statistical analysis will help you understand whether your products and their budget allocations are aligned to current business goals and objectives. Address deviations by making changes in pricing and resource allocations.

Prioritize Product Focus

Armed with full analysis on your market base and product features that sell, you can strategically plan to invest time, money, and effort on improving your product line. It also puts focus on the customer’s likes and interest, and why you need to implement those products on priority.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

Keep all your stakeholders in the loop. Give marketing and sales a bird’s eye view of the current product line status, for them to plan their offline and online campaigns.

Make Smart Marketing Decisions & Maximize RoI with Marketing Zen.