Digital Transformation Consulting and Strategy

Disrupt business models and processes for a competitive edge

Enterprises need to digitalize their business capabilities and processes to step up their game for the future. Digitalization efforts necessitate the adoption of technologies for analytics, automation and integration, as well as the development of data enabling transparency and sharing applications. Selectively identifying legacy systems while introducing new digital layers will enable desired levels of scalability and flexibility. Digitalization of business processes and capabilities is not the new name for IT application modernization. It is the method of process dis-intermediation which requires a well-defined design approach. Digitalization is vital for organizations to change business models and gain a competitive advantage by doing things faster, better and more cost-effectively than the competition.

Steps for Successful Digitalization

The most commonly observed flaw is when the plethora of point technology solutions make enterprises start from ‘step 3’ without a proper understanding of steps 1 and step 2.

Our Offerings

Our consulting team brings deep domain and technological expertise to support digitalization efforts. We recommend future architecture and help companies get maximum value from their existing business and IT capabilities.

Discovery & Capability Maturity Assessment

Provides a detailed understanding of your current capabilities’ footprint and business processes, enabling us to develop business use cases around digital transformations.

Business Process Analysis

Analysis of as-is business processes with a view to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations and arrive as to-be processes.

Architecture Consulting

Enhances your functionality, making it easier to maintain as part of a highly-scalable framework.

Process/Policy Impact Assessment

Performing impact assessments of changing processes and policies in order to provide technology deployment recommendations.

Platform Design

Assess process gaps and identify processes for elimination, redesign or reengineering. Followed by platform architecture design to drive flexibility, reuse and scalability.

Capability Framework Creation

Cataloging world-class capability-specific view to a business function’s domain and type of business.

Migration Roadmap

Build a migration roadmap for your capabilities and systems to deliver simplification, automation, integration and high supportability with minimal impact or disruption of business.

Capability Assessment Services

Cataloging existing capabilities and mapping them to underlying or evolving business processes and world-class capability view to understand gaps. This leads to realization of new capabilities needed in today’s dynamic  business landscape.

Workflow Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

E-Connect’s IPA solutions make your processes smarter. Our solutions not only elevate workforce productivity by automating mundane tasks, but also end-to-end business operations. Integrating robotic process automation with machine learning and cognitive technologies to generate intelligent operations, we provide IPA solutions that accelerate productivity.

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Robotic Process Automation

E-Connect’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), together with a unique continuous improvement methodology, simplifies routine and repetitive processes for clients. This involves automating labor-intensive and error-prone back office tasks like data entry, account creation and data processing.

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Our Domain Focus

Supply Chain Planning

Revenue Planning, Demand Planning, Demand Sensing and Supply Planning, Inventory Planning, S&OP, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, MPS, NPI/EOL Planning.

Sales Planning and Sales Performance Management

Sales Hierarchy Definition, People Assignments, Account Transfers, Territory Planning, Account Planning, Compensation Planning, Quota Planning, Territory Goaling, Agent Level Goaling, Comp Accruals and What-if.

Service Lifecycle Planning

Service Parts Demand Planning, Parts Inventory Planning, Repairs and Returns Planning, Parts Pricing, Reverse Logistics, Field Workforce Planning.

Finance Planning

Long Range Strategy Planning, Annual Operating Plan, CapEx Planning, OpEx Planning, Financial Consolidation.

Leverage digitalization for a greater business edge.