Marketing Mix Modelling

The right combination of marketing and advertising that accelerates sales and maximizes profits

Understand How Your Activities Drive Your business With Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Zen helps you understand and quantify the impact of your marketing campaigns on sales. You can know how much to spend on every aspect of your marketing budget to achieve a higher ROI.

Using a number of variables such as market share, price, distribution, promotional spends, and the like, we analyze the impact of each of these on your overall profits. Insights from such regressions can be used for future budget optimization purposes, as well.

Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Know how much to invest in your digital marketing efforts, analytics, and other digital ads.  Focus on the right social networks platforms to maximize your reach.

Execute Successful Ad Campaigns

With a clear understanding of your customer needs and choices, plan, create, and execute your ad campaigns. Create great campaigns that are both visually and creatively appealing.

Forecast Your Business With New Markets

Expect the unexpected. Our analysis of the right marketing mix helps you accurately plan for your sales in new markets, and manage resources and staff efficiently.

Improve Profitability Of Marketing Initiatives

The insights you gain from Marketing Zen can be leveraged in expanding new markets, adding new product/service lines, and sell more to your most profitable customers.

Make Smart Marketing Decisions & Maximize RoI with Marketing Zen.