Intelligent Process Automation

The engine at the core of the next-generation operating model

Businesses are growing complex with time and they are well aware of the hazards of outdated manual processes and hence its more apparent to streamline business performance and customer experiences for more efficient and effective operations.

E-Connect’s IPA solutions make your processes smarter. Our solutions not only elevate workforce productivity by automating mundane tasks, but also end-to-end business operations. Integrating robotic process automation with machine learning and cognitive technologies to generate intelligent operations, we provide IPA solutions that accelerate productivity.

Unattended Robotics

E-Connect employs autonomous automation to monitor and handle attended & unattended robot collaboration and optimize end-to-end workflow automation with centralized work queues.

AI robotic managers cut down automation costs & meet service levels by synchronizing queued work and robot deployments with scheduled workflows and events; monitoring & triggering failover procedures, as needed with simultaneous orchestration from cloud or on-premises.

Computer Vision

E-Connect’s solution assists clients build robots employing NuGene, which provides two key advantages: Implementations are 2-4 times faster and Stability in production as computer vision instantly accounts for any screen changes occurring, while processes are running.

Our AI powered robots have intelligent eyes to “see” screen elements using contextual relationships, bringing unrivalled accuracy and precision to automation.

Cognitive enhancements

Be it language detection, unstructured data extraction, or sentiment analysis, E-Connect provides clients with extension of the scope of automation to knowledge-based processes, that not only handle the automation of unstructured content (think irregular paper invoices) but can interpret content and apply rules (unhappy social media posts).

Language detection is a prerequisite for precision in OCR image analysis, while sentiment analysis aids the robots in understanding the meaning and emotion of text language and deploying it as the basis for complex decision making.

Improve Decision-Making and Business Performance with E-Connect.