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Gain Powerful Campaign level Insights

Campaigns Insights

Gain Powerful Campaign-level Insights To Create Campaigns That Drive Sales

Gaining visibility into the effectiveness of campaigns can be an eye-opener to gauging whether your brand has reached the target audiences. Irrespective of what you choose to deploy for your campaigns, our solution can provide actionable insights to boost sales. With our analytics, you can assess audience behaviors and performance of your campaigns to fine-tune your efforts, creating campaigns that strike a chord with your target audience.

No two campaigns are same in the marketing funnel. We can help you create tracking, reporting, and analytics to optimize campaign effectiveness at every stage of the funnel. Our visual analytics are comprehensive – you can identify how users find your site, track online and offline campaigns, calculate revenue generated from closed won deals, and more. The top-level view of all current campaigns and their performance at each stage of the funnel is essential in making timely marketing decisions.

Leads Insights

Insights To Make Lead Management Smarter & Efficient

Lead management insights are primarily used to categorize leads according to funnel stage and understand the reasons behind delay or failure to convert. The insights that you gain from our solution can help you understand your buying cycle and identify which content and channel worked best.

With data collated from multiple channels, you can gain insights on how leads have interacted with the brand, their current and past interest in the product/service, and what triggered the conversion to sales. You can guide your leads the right way by enabling them in their product research, and reaching out to them when they have approached a decision-making point.

Insights To Make Lead Management
Move Seamlessly From Lead Connections

Opportunities Insights

Move Seamlessly From Lead Connections to Conversions With Insights On Opportunities

We can help you collect deep insights into opportunities based on lead behavior and revenue generation. We understand there’s more to measuring marketing than just counting the number of leads generated. Your marketing and sales teams need to know the impact of their campaigns on the sales pipeline as well as the number of opportunities for future collaboration and conversions.

Using these insights for opportunity management, you can assess how to move leads seamlessly across different stages faster. It also helps manage internal teams and help them chart out better marketing campaign strategies to meet their targeted revenue generation.

Cash Insights

Get Centralized Order-Related Information For Easy & Fast Access

For companies that’s operating on a global basis, finding and consolidating order data can be an arduous task. We can help you develop solutions so you can understand your company’s order data in form of simple and clear visuals, making it easy to make marketing decisions accurately.

With orders fulfilling in through various channels, it can put a strain on your marketing if there is insufficient data on what’s selling or not. Our solution helps retrieve updates from various channels in real-time. Enjoy effortless navigation and personalized charts to suit the needs of your top management.

Get Centralized Order Related Information

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