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We help you migrate from traditional data warehouse to Snowflake for faster insights and reduced costs

Data Warehouse Modernization (Snowflake Capabilities)

E-Connect is helping customers modernizing data warehouse for faster insights and reduce costs….

Our Journey


The Challenge

Every enterprise has data and the need to innovate is constantly increasing. Existing platforms and systems have constrained storage and compute power (licensing, lock-in etc). It’s extremely difficult to scale or provision for infrastructure meeting varying workloads. Data silos and use of various stacks over a period of time further aggravate this problem. There are too many tools and technologies and it’s becoming increasing difficult to evaluate and narrow down on technology stack. Overall, enterprises are facing a magnitude of challenges swiftly & securely migrating to the cloud.

How E-Connect Helps Customers In Cloud Migration

With infinite storage, on-demand scaling, multi-cluster for high concurrency, ability to derive analytics from petabyte (PB) scale warehouse using the power of SQL and an amazing partner ecosystem – Snowflake is becoming the defacto choice for modern cloud data warehouse.

How We Help Organizations Modernizing Their Analytics Ecosystem?

Our AWS/Azure -Driven Technical Stack Helps Organisation Modernising Their Data Warehouse

Leverage data engineering, visualization and BI expertise for better decisions.