Data Engineering & Visualization

Augment decision-making with data-driven visual analytics and intelligence

A data-driven mindset supported by the right technology is crucial for exploring new business opportunities, as well as extracting actionable insights from current data assets that are often disconnected.

Data and digital engineering are of the utmost importance to customers while negotiating industry turns in shifting business models. Data engineering and visual analytics support improved decision-making for better performance and greater success.

Through our proven approach and expertise, we embed data and intelligence into the fabric of our clients’ business processes to deliver intelligence that unlocks new revenue growth and cost efficiencies at unprecedented agility and scale.

Our Value Offerings

Analytics driven Data Strategy

Analytics-driven Data Strategy

We assess your current strategic drivers, analytics capability maturity, current state of data assets, data management processes and tools to help create a data strategy that will set the foundation for analytics.

  • Analytics capability roadmap
  • Data foundation architecture, strategy and roadmap
  • Analytics organization design, with CoEs, Data Labs, PoC factory
  • Data quality and audit framework
  • Persona-based digital consumption design
  • Insights as a Service, Analytics as a Service

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

We build beautiful, intuitive analytics dashboards that empower your employees to easily explore and access the information they require.

  • Bespoke data visualizations
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Exception reporting
  • Just-in-time analytics

Business Intelligence Made Easy

At E-Connect we are passionate about making Business Intelligence easy so it drives better decision-making. We have built a successful BI practice for our clients by:

  • aligning key performance indicators (KPIs) with strategic goals and objectives.
  • assessing and analyzing an organization’s BI needs
  • recommending appropriate solutions that balance cost and deliver ROI.
  • strategic planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, of a BI implementation.
  • enhancements, support and training for any BI/DW implementation.

we function as an extension of your team and deliver a turnkey BI solution. We have some of the best experts in the industry who come with an impressive blend of business and technical knowledge.

Two Major Areas of Business Intelligence

Strategic Services

Roadmap Architecture
Tool Evaluation
Training and Education
Maturity Assessment

Application Services

Management & Support

E-Connect AIM (Analytics Implementation Methodology)


Leverage data engineering, visualization and BI expertise for better decisions.