Choice Modelling

Get a clear perspective of what drives people’s choices

Simulate Real-World Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Customization is what drives today’s business. Marketing Zen helps you achieve that by setting up carefully controlled experiments to gain insights into advertising, pricing, features, promotion, packaging, and other marketing variables. The exercise reveals the psychological mechanism that drives consumers to make particular choices when provided many brand options. Coupled with our advanced analytics, you gain the potential to cope with the dynamic changes of the real-world marketing scenario.

Analyze Price Sensitivity

Understand how demand and prices are linked, find out why consumers are willing to buy a product even when the price is hiked. Be street-smart in handling competition.

Maximize Media Advertising Effectiveness

Understand and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns, engage better with your customers, and improve your brand value to drive increased sales and business growth.

Bundle Product and Service Features

Intensify your sales by applying competitive pricing to a set of products and services. Outsell competitors by increasing your cost efficiency.

Improve Promotional Offers

Learn what clicks with customers and use the information to compete in the market, and stimulate business during slow periods.

Optimize Brand Strategy

Now that you know how your consumers choose, carefully position your brand to connect with your niche audiences, and promote smartly.

Optimize Advertising Messages

Know when and where to connect with your customers. Create engaging advertising messages that create an emotional impact on them.

Improve Product-Line Planning

Understand which features of the product are loved by your customers, the types of marketing collateral required, when to start your promotions, and more.

Improve Package Designs

Get your design teams to dedicate considerable time in creating and choosing the best package design that best represents your brand.

Make Smart Marketing Decisions & Maximize RoI with Marketing Zen.