AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence

Our Experts Can Connect All Your Data Sources And Help You Understand Your Marketing RoI

Gain An Unprecedented Real-Time View of Marketing ROI Across The Funnel

OptimizeMarketing RoI

Reap greater returns across all campaigns and the entire funnel with comprehensive, real-time data.

Create Cross-Channel Visibility

A seamless view of the RoI across all marketing channels drives better decision-making for all your campaigns.

Leverage Real-Time Insights

Make smarter decisions for more effective campaigns and lead management with a plethora of real-time insights including custom reports.

Eliminate Delays & Blind Spots

No more confusion over how your campaigns are performing or how leads are progressing across all your marketing efforts.

Marketing Intelligence Solutions

E-Connect’s expert data scientists help you fine tune your campaigns and make smarter decisions based on holistic marketing intelligence across the entire funnel. Our solutions provide real-time integration that collects data across multiple systems, encompassing marketing automation, lead management, order management, sales effort and more. You’ll have the most powerful marketing insights at your fingertips, all in one dashboard. We help you maximize returns on your marketing campaigns.

Campaigns Insights

A comprehensive view of all your campaigns that can be drilled down to more granular detail.

Leads Insights

Manage your leads under the same roof as your campaigns with integrated marketing intelligence.

Opportunities Insights

In-depth opportunity insights across campaigns helps you focus efforts and make changes where necessary.

Cash Insights

Reap greater RoI from your marketing efforts thanks to comprehensive, in-depth, real-time insights.

Get All Your Marketing Data At One Place

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Advanced Marketing Analytics

Simulate Real-World Consumer Purchasing Behavior With Choice Modelling

Customization is what drives today’s business. Marketing Zen helps you achieve that by setting up carefully controlled experiments to gain insights into advertising, pricing, features, promotion, packaging, and other marketing variables. The exercise reveals the psychological mechanism that drives consumers to make particular choices when provided many brand options. Coupled with our advanced analytics, you gain the potential to cope with the dynamic changes of the real-world marketing scenario.

  • Analyze Price Sensitivity
  • Maximize Media Advertising Effectiveness
  • Bundle Product and Service Features
  • Improve Promotional Offers
  • Optimize Brand Strategy
  • Optimize Advertising Messages
  • Improve Product-Line Planning
  • Improve Package Designs

Understand How Your Activities Drive Your business With Marketing Mix Modelling

E-Connect’s Marketing Intelligence helps you understand and quantify the impact of your marketing campaigns on sales. You can know how much to spend on every aspect of your marketing budget to achieve a higher ROI.

Using a number of variables such as market share, price, distribution, promotional spends, and the like, we analyze the impact of each of these on your overall profits. Insights from such regressions can be used for future budget optimization purposes, as well.

  • Optimize Your Marketing Budget
  • Execute Successful Ad Campaigns
  • Forecast Your Business With New Markets
  • Improve Profitability Of Marketing Initiatives

Drive Agility and Responsiveness to Market Conditions With Product Portfolio Management

Organizations need to make strategic marketing decisions for their new and existing product lines on a regular basis. This includes intelligently distributing resources and re-doing budget allocations that can drive better sales and organizational growth.

Marketing Zen’s Product Portfolio Management solutions are a proven method for enabling marketers across the globe to prioritize their product-specific projects and optimize the resources.

  • Improve Competitive Positioning
  • Maximize Product Investments
  • Identify strong and weak products to clarify resource allocation
  • Ensure that product investments align with business objectives
  • Prioritize Product Focus
  • Improve Communication and Collaboration

Gain Competitive Advantage Through High Brand Equity

Branded products command a higher authority in the market. Therefore, an increase in brand equity translates directly into a higher value perception in the marketplace. Customer loyalty, improved profits, and market expansion are the key benefits of brand equity. Marketing Zen offers Brand Equity Management solutions that ensures improved customer trust and satisfaction to boost profit margins.

We help you measure and understand brand equity to plan for strategic product positioning in the market. Our solutions ensure you gain a strong command in the market that leads to brand extensions, improved trade cooperation, and support.

  • Greater Trade Cooperation and Support
  • Increased Margins
  • Win Customer Loyalty
  • Identify Growth Opportunity
  • Tackle Competitive Marketing Actions
  • Improve Marketing Communication Effectiveness
  • Gain Negotiating Power

Make Smart Decisions & Maximize Marketing RoI with Holistic Marketing Intelligence Solutions.