Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

Create Building Blocks For Advanced Analytics With Robust Data Management

The spotlight has been on Advanced analytics and AI-powered analytics that help enterprises improve business strategy, decision-making and performance. Such analytics include statistics, business processes and technology that discovers actionable insights from and organization’s data assets.

Our analytics approach blends human intellect (domain knowledge), Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to discover hidden patterns and trends from a variety of data sets. These insights enable effective decision support across the value chain through scenario-based analysis and prescriptive or predictive modelling.

We have designed an analytics delivery framework – E-Connect ACE (Analytics Capability for Enterprises) that leverages:

  • Comprehensive data architecture to connect siloed data assets.
  • Analytical models that connect and mine data across customer journeys, product telemetry and transactional data to generate impactful insights.
  • Consumption experience that is contextualized and personalized for timely decision making.

Our Advanced Analytics Offering

We provide expertise and consulting services to our clients in the following areas.

Business Analysis Strategy

Helping clients build a comprehensive Analytics Strategy to rapidly enable business insights from data assets and analytical models.

Decision Science and Support

Building statistical and machine learning models to improve growth and operational effectiveness or efficiency through innovative uses of data.

Deploy, Improve Analytics and Decision Making capabilities

Build organizational capability to help deliver and continuously improve Enterprise Analytics Capability roadmap.

What We Do

Models and Analytics

Entity Resolution

Business Optimization

Automation Through Machine Learning

Whether you are launching a big data initiative, moving to the cloud, or revamping your existing solution, we can help your company go from data to insights.

Great companies understand their data within the context of their business, and they use it to deepen insights and drive smarter decision-making.

Our expertise in advanced data science consulting is combined with a proven ability to turn insights into action. We leverage innovative techniques – such as AI modeling, machine learning, robust scenario planning and predictive modeling – to understand your needs, identify risks and opportunities and recommend actions and potential outcomes. The result is reduced costs, minimized risks, optimized processes and major competitive advantages for your company.

Our AI Services


Our Consulting services provide expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure attainment of Business value. We specialize in high-level architecture, platform and design consulting for large-scale data processing, transformational BI and predictive analytics.

System Integration

Our System Integration Services focus on building custom analytical systems that are enable efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure that optimally utilizes a given computing environment.

Solution Development

Our Solutions offerings come with a framework and toolkits for solving challenges in a specific vertical or a domain. They work on large datasets, a variety of data structures and/or latencies. These are complete solution builds that align with the customer’s Data Product strategies. We will utilize the open source accelerators that were built by us.


Our Advanced Analytics & AI Support offering is unique in terms of our technological skillset supported by our years of expertise working in Big Data Analytics and Data Science. Our support is of particular value to nascent Data Science practices, helping them ramp up quickly on the Advanced Analytics journey or establish a captive support center.

We bring the power of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to create whatever you desire.

Service Segments

  • Our expertise with frameworks like Tensorflow and Keras, makes us an excellent choice for implementing ML.
  • Our algorithms and carefully crafted neural networks will ensure a smooth transition of your business from just an ordinary one to a smart one.
  • We can also help with integrating your ML models into cloud with our expertise over cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon’s AWS. This ensures that the machine learning models run serverless on the cloud which makes them much more cost effective and fast.

Overall, we at E-Connect look forward to provide your company with an all round Machine Learning Solution for your company, thus giving you a heavy edge over your competition.

Understanding neural networks and using deep learning efficiently is something which requires years of experience, and we at E-Connect have got you covered with a myriad of Deep Learning services available at your demand.

  1. Assistant in Experiments: Our service will allow you to initiate experiments and monitor them while comparing and cross-referencing data across models. You need not worry about the logs and scripts. We will manage your assets.
  2. Elasticity in GPU Computation: We can train neural networks parallelly by using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, which lead the market. Only pay for what you use. Our auto-allocation means that you won’t have to remember to shutdown your cloud training each time, neither will you have any containers or clusters to manage.
  3. Optimizing your hyperparameter: We can automate the searching for the hyperparameter space of your network efficiently, enabling you to get the best performance out of your model with the fewest possible training runs. 4. Modeler for Neural Network We also offer you a modeler to visually design the neural networks. You can configure the layers of your architecture and deploy it by using the most popular frameworks for deep learning.

Why E-Connect?

Improve Efficiency

Save time and not just money by using the IDE you prefer, existing workflows and Visual debugging tools; optimizing your networks and making them better and faster.

Efficient Neural Architecture

Manage the training using our training assets and focus on designing the most optimum neural architecture you can.

Robust Infrastructure

Real-Time Visualizations

Use graphs to view accuracy and loss in real time and then track and view the hyperparameters; no more text logs.

Industry Expertise

E-Connect is known to always keep widening its horizon of work. We keep testing ourselves with new products and services to create a buzz not only in one industry but many. Some of them are as follows

Supply Chain Analytics

From demand forecasting, to optimization, to enabling better planning and providing real-time visibility and decision-making capability, we cover processes across the entire value chain.

Marketing Analytics

Measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance and recommending ways to improve marketing effectiveness.

Customer Analytics

Tapping the immense hidden knowledge by understanding consumer behaviour to make informed business decisions.

Insurance Analytics

Generating actionable insights and providing solutions on claims analytics, risk analytics, customer analytics and other areas across the insurance value chain.

Financial Analytics

From time-series problems to credit risk to fraud and AML, we offer a range of services across various process areas.

Retail Analytics

Providing a 3600 view of customer, solving problems across supply chain, merchandising, marketing and other business functions.

Capability and Expertise

Capability & Expertise
Methodologies Data exploration, Data Pre-processing, Feature Engineering, Feature Selection, Model Evolution, Data Visualisation, Correlation, Parameter Significance Test, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Predictive Modelling Techniques Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, SVM, Naive Bayes, KNN, K-Means, Random Forrest, Principal Component Analysis, XG Boost, AdaBoost, Majority Voting Classifier, Ensemble Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Deep Neural Network (DNN)
Technologies Programming Languages:
PYTHON (Python Packages: NumPy, SciPy, MatplotLib, Pandas, Jupyter, Scikit Learn) R, Scala

Deep Learning Framework: TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

BI Tools: PowerBI, Tableau

Other: Amazon EC2 Linux AMI, Amazon S3, AWS, CLI, GIT Bash, Grafana, Chronograph

Leverage Advanced Analytics and AI to drive better decisions and outcomes.