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Design your Digital Transformation with Expert IT Consulting

We tell you what – we guide you where – we help you how.

In the new digital era, where break-through cracks open every few days, and your competition is betting on the latest shiny tech toy, how do you figure out what is apt for you and when?

Leave all the homework and legwork to us. Our deep and versatile experience will help you stay ahead of the curve – with a good helicopter view of your IT strengths and gaps.

We will provide expert guidance on your IT and digital transformation initiatives from strategy to implementation so that you thrive in the new digital era.

IT Consulting & Advisory Services

IT Strategy and Planning | Consulting and Staffing | Cost-effective Solutions | Data Modernization

Stay ahead of the technology curve with expert guidance.

IT Strategy & Planning

Ensuring your technology plan aligns with your business strategy is critical to minimizing risk and overall ownership cost. Hence, a digital journey starts with a robust IT strategy and planning.

Analyze Business

Understand & Analyze

Deep dive to understand your business and craft a roadmap to ensure your IT tools and technologies are optimized for your current and future needs and better ROI.

Plan Strategies

Planning for Strategies

Create a plan that supports your business’s short-term and long-term objectives and initiatives so that you are always ready to tap into new opportunities.

Ensure Compliances

Making Ensure Compliances

Ensure compliance with your organization’s policies and procedures and regulations and requirements for your industry.

Identifying Criticals

Identifying Criticals

Identify and close critical security and capability gaps, and enhance scalability to keep pace with growth while minimizing total cost of ownership or TCO.

Get instant access to vetted, trained, certified IT specialists

Consulting & Staffing

Get highly vetted, trained, certified IT specialists for the entire IT spectrum – from project management, application development, infrastructure setup, security to big data solutions. We offer flexible, scalable, reliable, affordable staffing options so that you are never short of high quality tech talent.

Project staff

Project-based Staffing

Project-based staffing for short-term and long-term project-based work. Assist you with the design and development of the solution and remain engaged through the completion of the implementation.

Augmented Staff

Augmented Staffing

Augmented staffing where experienced IT consultants are engaged on-site to augment your current IT support staff and assist them either in a short-term or long-term capacity.

Full-time Staff

Full-time Staffing

Permanent hiring to recruit resources to be placed at your site as a full-time in-house staff member. We apply the same level of diligence in searching and filtering for full-time IT staff for you.

Cutting-edge technology solutions to reduce costs and improve ROI

Cost-effective Solutions

Navigate today’s ever-changing business environment with cutting-edge and cost-effective IT solutions built by teams of technical experts with decades of industry experience. From Cloud enablement, application services and modernization to advanced analytics and AI solutions, we will help you leverage technology to accelerate growth.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Cutting-Edge Tools

Cloud acceleration solutions to move your mission-critical workloads to the cloud, leveraging proven methodology, cutting-edge tools, and deep industry expertise.

Achieving More Speed

Achieving More Speed

Application modernization services to help you achieve speed and agility in an increasingly digital and competitive world by integrating a combination of accelerators, tools, and platforms to modernize core business applications.

Analytics & Predictioning

Analytics & Predictioning

Advanced analytics and AI solutions that leverage predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, business process automation to help you make better, faster decisions and enhance user experience.

We help you realize your data modernization vision.

Data Modernization

Modern data architecture is crucial to deriving powerful insights that can help you accelerate decision-making to deliver better customer experiences, drive top-line growth, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage. We will help you realize your data modernization vision.

Building Business

Building Business Cases

Build the business case for data modernization, perform data discovery, and guide your implementation to the Cloud, whether hybrid-cloud or on-premises.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Adopt advanced technologies and deep data governance expertise to create a trusted data ecosystem that can support your every business decision.

Leveraging the Data Engineering

Leveraging the Data Engineering

Leverage our data engineering and business intelligence (BI) expertise to help you turn data into value at an accelerated pace and scale.

Data Analytics

Creating Data Analytics Opportunities

Merge multiple data sources to create more data analytics opportunities that lead to valuable insights to achieve predictable and resilient operations from edge to core.


How We Do It

Our Approach

Driving Value

Driving Value

We offer the most comprehensive suite of services that enables companies to find ways to monetize and drive extreme value out of their data.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Our practice areas offer deep thought leadership and guidance to help our clients understand the nuances of leveraging data, analytics, and predictive models to maximize their ROI.

Robust Framework

Robust Framework

We use tried and tested “Information to Strategy Framework”, which helps you understand the whole aspects of your people, process, and technology considerations required to plan and execute a digital transformation journey.

Areas We Serve

Banking & Financial Service

Banking & Financial

Retail & FMCG Service

Retail & FMCG

Insurance Service


Manufacturing Service


Non-Profit Service


Life Sciences & Health Care

Life Sciences &

Communications, Media & IT Consulting

Communications, Media &
IT Technology

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Travel, Transportation &

With our deep domain knowledge and tech expertise, we cater to every size and maturity-level of companies.

Our clients are from SMEs and large scale enterprises that are into Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Finance, Non-profit, Health-care, and various sectors. We have delivered projects across various IT technologies, emerging areas and inception points.

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